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As one of the world’s fastest growing DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) vendors, EfficientIP helps organizations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures.

EfficientIP delivers a unified management framework for DDI and network configurations, providing end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation across networks and cloud landscapes- public, private and hybrid.

EfficientIP empowers organizations to overcome the challenge of IT orchestration with flexible, scalable and open technologies, enabling easy and fast integration for end-to-end management process automation. Our unique 360° DNS security solution protects data confidentiality and application access from anywhere at any time against the growing threats of malware, APT and cyber attacks.

EfficientIP Support Strategic IT Initiatives & Security Challenges

Business is moving faster than ever, fueled by the needs of new and innovative offers, quick company reorganization and operational efficiency improvements for costs reduction. At the same time, security is at the front line of vital challenges that every company meets to ensure business continuity, preserve brand reputation and protect customer data and intellectual property. In this highly competitive context, modern network infrastructures are a cornerstone of key IT transformation initiatives such as cloud and virtualization, advanced orchestration, mobility, and IoT. DDI is a foundation of the IP infrastructure upon which these IT initiatives rest, ensuring user access to the network and business applications. Only by understanding these demands and managing these DDI components properly can enterprises ensure — and enhance — the efficiency, security and continuity of their IT and business operations.

  • 77% of companies faced DNS attacks and suffered irreparable damage (EfficientIP 2018 Global DNS Threat Report)
  • Cloud Automation and Orchestration in the TOP 3 project priorities (Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2017)
  • 67% of CIO missioned for greater efficiency & cost reduction (2016 Deloitte CIO survey)

EfficientIP are Trusted by Over 800 Customers

EfficientIP’s customers range from small and medium-sized organizations to large enterprises, coming worldwide from multiple industries including Bank and Insurance, Retail, Public Sector, Telco and Software companies. More than 800 customers rely on EfficientIP to help control the risks and reduce the complexity of challenges they face with modern key IT initiatives and to ensure business continuity, reduce operating costs and increase the management efficiency of their network and security teams.

EfficientIP Solutions

DNS Security for Business Continuity and Data Protection

EfficientIP solutions offer a specialized layer of in-depth defense to fill the gaps left by traditional security systems. Our 360° DNS Security provides a holistic approach to protect public and private DNS infrastructures from both internal and external DNS threats, regardless of the attack type. Unique in the market, our patented innovations offer an unmatched level of DNS security to protect your mission-critical services:

  • DNS Guardian: ensure service continuity and protect against DNS data exfiltration thanks to real time behavioral threat detection based on advanced analytics and DNS Transaction Inspection (DTI technology).
  • DNS Blast: absorb extreme DDoS attacks and block weak-signal threats with the world’s fastest DNS server (up to 17 million DNS queries per second) embedding  the most advanced security features.
  • DNS Firewall and Threat Intelligence Services: protect users and block DNS-based malware activity with advanced threat intelligence services for up-to-date layer of defense against ever-evolving malicious domains.
  • DNS Cloud: secure your Internet visibility with highly resilient cloud-based public DNS services and unify management across your hybrid landscape.
  • SOLIDserver™ DNS Hybrid Engine: mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities and eliminate single point of failure with 2 different DNS engines embedded in one appliance.

Smart DDI for Reliable & Agile Network Foundations.

EfficientIP’s Smart DDI solution offers integrated management of DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF with devices and their network interfaces in a single process. Thanks to SmartArchitecture™, we bring a brand new approach to managing multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services at the architecture level (Microsoft, ISC BIND & DHCP, SOLIDserver). This unique comprehensive DDI solution delivers high availability, elastic scalability and advanced security, all built on policy-driven management and automation. As a result, it takes management efficiency to the next level with 75% time saving for fast ROI (up to 283% – 7 month payback period). SOLIDserver™ Smart DDI technology ensures that your network infrastructure foundations will actively support your business imperatives and growth.

DDI Orchestration for Advanced Cloud Automation

SOLIDserver™ appliance suite helps enterprises to transition smoothly from traditional IT to cloud-based infrastructures and services. Advanced integration with leading cloud orchestrators enables automated provisioning and deprovisioning of IP resources such as IP addresses and DNS services. Policy-driven deployments based on customized parameters enable alignment with corporate processes and IT environment.

Network Automation for Visibility, Availability and Cost Reduction

NetChange solution offers organizations advanced discovery and automated configuration of networks across all of physical and virtual platforms. It provides global visibility, centralized management and consolidated reporting over multi-vendor networks. Network automation eliminates manual error-prone and labor-intensive tasks in order to boost productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

EfficientIP Value Proposition

Innovation is in our DNA

EfficientIP is committed to thinking differently about the DDI industry- innovation is in our DNA. Our goal is to create value and efficiency for our customers through heightened security, advanced automation, and greater simplicity. We have launched unique features like network reconciliation management, which have today become market best practice standards.

We invented the advanced SmartArchitecture™ concept, which elevated the management of DNS and DHCP from service level to architecture level. EfficientIP is the world’s first DDI vendor to have released patented and award-winning innovation features to secure against threats to the DNS infrastructure.

Technological Alliances & Ecosystem

EfficientIP has developed alliances with industry leading companies, ensuring the state-of-the-art standard and utmost compatibility of its technology with that of its partners. This allows EfficientIP solutions to run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible, intelligently connected to the IT infrastructures, strengthening network infrastructures’ security, reliability and agility and significantly saving time while decreasing operational costs.

EfficientIP has integrated its products with an ecosystem of best-of-breed vendors including:
Cisco, Splunk, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, VMware, OpenStack, HP and Thales.

At a Glance

  • Headquarters: USA (West Chester, PA), Asia (Singapore), Europe (France)
  • 800+ Customers
  • Coverage of 110+ countries
  • 110 Employees
  • Strong Technological Ecosystem
  • 24/7 Global Support Services

Smart DDI

Integrated DDI Services to Simplify, Automate and Secure Your Network

Business Agility and Performance Require Smart DDI Solutions

Business is evolving faster than ever, fueled by the needs of new and innovative data-driven offerings, quick company reorganization and operational efficiency improvements. In this highly competitive context, modern network infrastructures are a cornerstone of key IT initiatives: digital transformation, hybrid cloud, virtualization, SDN, NFV, IPv6, mobility, IoT, and more.

Regardless of size, complexity and business focus these market trends are adding extreme pressure on company network – in particular network foundations such as DNS and DHCP services, and IP Address Management. DDI is a cornerstone of IT modernization and plays mission-critical roles:  DNS server ensures access routing to almost all applications & services, DHCP server provides IP addresses to connect to the network and IPAM (IP Address Management) defining the IP routing structure and maintains a central repository DDI resources to provide accurate visibility and help guarantee overall network consistency and policy enforcement.

Integrated DDI, VLANs and Device Interfaces Management Solution

EfficientIP’s Smart DDI solution offers integrated management of DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF with devices and their network interfaces in a single process. This unique extended DDI framework delivers high availability, elastic scalability and advanced security, all built on a policy-driven management and automation foundation. SOLIDserver™ Smart DDI technology ensures that your network infrastructure will actively support your business imperatives and growth.

Dynamic network discoveries provide unmatched visibility and reconciliation capability to maintain the overall consistency and a single source of truth of your network data.

Global Life-Cycle Management of IP Network Foundations

Simplify and automate the global life-cycle management of DDI resources in a unified process, from design and deployment to checking and reconciliation phases. Built-in consistency control and intelligent policy-driven deployment automate corporate’s policy and DDI best practices enforcement, enabling to easily delegate administration tasks to non-expert people. The solution flexibility and agility offer advanced provisioning process modeling and automation capacity to truly support complex IT operations.

EfficientIP DDI appliance unique global life-cycle management approach strengthens the network foundation, mitigates network downtime risk, cuts operating costs and reinforces infrastructure security.

Easy Integration to Network Management Ecosystem

EfficientIP’s open APIs and plug-ins offer rapid integration to third-party solutions (Cloud orchestrators, SIEM, ITSM, security policy manager, etc) bringing end-to-end automation for controlling and accelerating deployment of IP resources throughout the infrastructure.

This openness and flexibility simplify the deployment of new services, eliminate configuration errors and break management and security silo. Collaborative teamwork is improved thanks to grain-fined delegation, policy enforcement, and advanced workflow.

DNS Security

Secure Your DNS, Secure Your Network
DNS Attacks Are Top Priority For Hackers

DNS is mission-critical, allowing dynamic access for anyone to any app on any network. If DNS servers go down you can no longer reach any of your vital apps or services. Because of this importance, DNS servers have become a prime target and entry point for hackers and data exfiltration. Within the past year, 82% of companies faced DNS attacks and suffered irreparable damage: Loss of business (27%), application downtime (63%), data theft (13%), and more.

Traditional network security solutions such as anti-DoS, Next Generation firewalls, or IPS have proven to be ineffective when it comes to DNS protection. They offer incomplete coverage of DNS threat landscape, especially weak signal attacks and exploits, and are unable to effectively handle high volume DNS DDoS attacks. Behavioral threat detection is not provided, resulting in unacceptable high number of false positives, and the countermeasures the solutions offer are very basic, often leading to system downtime. Lastly, and very importantly in today’s highly-regulated environments, they are incapable of detecting data exfiltration attempts or DNS tunneling in a timely manner.


Purpose-Built DNS Security Solution to Protect Organizations

The EfficientIP 360° DNS Security solution offers a specialized layer of in-depth defense to secure your business from both external and internal DNS threats. It helps:

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Protect customer data and intellectual property against exfiltration
  • Preserve your brand reputation and customer trust
  • Reduce TCO and deliver fast ROI
  • Prevent threats spreading, by feeding threat intelligence to the network ecosystem

The EfficientIP 360° DNS Security Solution

EfficientIP network protection solutions fill DNS security gaps left by traditional security systems. Our 360° DNS Security provides a holistic approach to protect public and private DNS infrastructures, regardless of the attack type. Unique in the market, patented innovations ensure an unmatched level of DNS security to protect your mission-critical services.

The 360° DNS Security solution is comprised of five products, which work together (or as standalone offerings) for a more reliable and secure network. Click to learn more about SOLIDserver™, DNS Blast, DNS Guardian, DNS Firewall, and DNS Cloud. In addition, easy integration to Cisco Umbrella extends security perimeters to protect apps, data and users – both on and off-network.

Contributing to Global Enterprise Network Security

Zero Trust means enterprises are putting more emphasis on improving end-to-end security. That requires treating massive amounts of data, so threat intelligence to detect malicious domains and suspicious device activity has become absolutely vital.

For intelligence on DNS domains, specialist companies make use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). When it comes to protecting internal resources, DNS is ideally positioned at the heart of networks. It has a specific view of network activity, as well as intelligence on users. Context-aware analysis of DNS traffic for finding and isolating suspicious clients allows valuable information to be offered to SIEMs and external threat intelligence solutions. This global approach is vital to help SOCs take the ideal action for mitigation.

DNS Security Solutions Key Benefits

  • Protection Against All DNS Attack Types
    Purpose-built DNS security provides an effective layer of defense against DNS attacks: DDoS, zero-day, DNS tunneling, DNS hijacking…
  • Unique Attack Detection Capability
    Behavioral attack detection combined with Threat Intelligence on domain reputation offer unequaled end-to-end capabilities to identify advanced DNS attacks from the source to the destination of requests
  • Adaptive Security for Service Continuity
    Patented innovations ensure adapted defense and secure DNS service continuity, even in cases of unidentifiable attack source
  • Simple to Deploy and Cost-Effective
    Intuitive interface, policy-driven deployment and adaptive DNS security ensure effortless and straightforward configurations
  • Easy Integration Within Network Security Ecosystem
    Reach Plug-in library and flexible APIs to simplify network defense deployment and security response automation

Network Automation

Network Discovery and Management Automation Solution
Network Agility Fuels Your Business Efficiency

Companies are constantly looking to improve their agility to remain competitive. IT- and more specifically IP-based devices and services- play a fundamental role in this ongoing dynamic. In an “everything IP” world, the need for delivering network infrastructures of high quality has never been greater. A company is only agile as its network foundations. EfficientIP’s Network Automation solution offers a unique approach to help companies achieve their strategic objectives:

  • Enhanced business continuity
  • Greater agility to business changes and needs
  • Better time to market and SLAs
  • Increased productivity and cost savings
  • Improved predictability and risk mitigation

Network Automation Ensures Network Visibility, Availability and Reduced Administration Costs

NetChange from EfficientIP gives you advanced discovery and automated configuration of your network across all of your physical and virtual platforms. It provides you with global visibility, centralized management and consolidated reporting. Network automation eliminates manual, error-prone and labor-intensive tasks in order to boost productivity, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. The bottom line? NetChange puts you in control of your whole network.

Increase Network Uptime
Eliminate manual errors with wizard driven and error-free management

Accelerate Deployments
Centrally organize, control and automate your entire network’s configuration

Track Resources & Changes
Network discoveries identify unused IPs and network interfaces to avoid purchasing useless, costly devices

Improve Trouble-shooting
Shorten troubleshooting time with holistic and immediate visibility on network’s configuration and changes

Enhance Team Work Efficiency
Reduce time and expense for configuration tasks with work flow and role-based delegation

Agile Network Management

Learn how to keep up with network changes, increase uptime and reduce operating costs.


Virtualization & Cloud
Boost Your Cloud Services Deployment With DDI

Integrated DDI Supports Your Key IT Initiatives

Cloud services are now a key component of IT operations – utilized by more than 90% of organizations globally. However, when rolling out compute cloud services, DNS and IP address provisioning often lags behind compute and storage processes, leading to delays in the rollout of applications and inconsistency of network policies.

Manual lifecycle management of IP resources is extremely time consuming, causes configuration errors, and makes it difficult to enforce security policies. Coupling this with a lack of centralized management – in hybrid and multi-cloud environments – causes incomplete and out-of-date visibility over the networks, virtual private clouds (VPCs), IP addresses, and DNS records being assigned.

For successful projects, end-to-end cloud provisioning has therefore become vital. In this context, including deployment automation via integrated DDI (DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management) helps tremendously to overcome the above challenges, and guarantee your virtual and cloud network infrastructure actively supports your business imperatives:

  • Increased agility and scalability to handle ongoing changes
  • Faster time-to-service for better time-to-market
  • Boosted productivity to accelerate company’s efficiency
  • Decreased operational costs to do more with less

Unleash The Full Capacity of Network Cloud Automation

EfficientIP DDI and network automation solutions help companies to deploy more agile, reliable and scalable public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud (VMware, OpenStack), and hybrid cloud infrastructures through intelligent orchestration and end-to-end automation. To help make sure “cloud lock-in” is avoided, the DDI solution supports multi-cloud and leading orchestrators.

In addition, to help businesses make the best use of automated processes and take a big step towards zero touch networks, the solution integrates easily with leading ITSM editors and networking solutions such as ServiceNow and Cisco DNA.

Global & Accurate Visibility On Virtual and Cloud Infrastructures At A Glance

EfficientIP’s solution discovers and takes inventory of your virtual infrastructures across your on-prem and cloud infrastructures gives you the comprehensive visibility that you need into deployed virtual resources and their connections on network devices. It also allows you to track changes and control resource consumption from a single-pane-of-glass.

Accelerate Cloud and Virtualization Provisioning Velocity with Automation and Orchestrator Integrations

Advanced integration with leading cloud orchestrators, such as Terraform, VMware and OpenStack, enables end-to-end automated provisioning and de-provisioning of VMs with associated IP addresses and DNS services. Intelligent, policy-driven deployments based on customized parameters enable alignment with your process and organization for secure and reliable data center automation. This dramatically shortens time-to-service, improves agility and reduces operating costs.

Simplify Delegation and Improve Team Work Efficiency With Workflow

Easy to use and flexible, user-friendly GUI guides users throughout the deployment steps, masking the complexity of the process. Granular delegation of rights empowers non-experts, streamlining resource qualification and consumption according to corporate policies. This unique approach frees administrators from laborious and time-consuming tasks, while improving the overall management team efficiency and reducing management costs.

Ensure Accessibility, Reliability and Scalability of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Services

Built-in consistency control and error-free configurations- based on centralized and policy-driven management- offer unmatched levels of reliability for your DDI and network cloud foundations. SmartArchitecture™ ensures DNS-DHCP best practices enforcement, and the highest level of resiliency to secure your business continuity. Advanced reports provide meaningful usage trend analysis, proactive services monitoring anticipates problems, and reconciliation identifies unused network resources to ensure your cloud scalability.

IDC: Improving Business Agility Through Integrated DDI

Learn how to optimize your virtualization deployment and enable agile IP resource management.


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